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Studying for a degree at SLTC is more than gaining deeper knowledge of your subject. We also focus on giving you the skills required to succeed in the workplace or further study. In addition to helping you develop practical skills like leadership and team work, our philosophy is to encourage independent learning and self-reliance.

Our staff are committed to excellence in teaching and research and will be there to support every aspect of your progression through lectures, tutorials, one-to-one meetings and online resources. By the end of your degree programme we expect you to be able to set your own objectives, do the necessary preparation and research and carry a task through from conception to delivery.

We also provide you with plenty of opportunities to get involved in the development of your courses through student representation on department and university committees. We will actively seek your views and feedback on your course and facilities so that we can continue to develop and improve them.

Our primary objective is to encourage our students to explore a broad range of interests, discover their passions, and make a difference in the world.

We accept undergraduate admission applications for the fall semester from August through January (through March for transfer applicants).


SLTC Undergraduate Programmes

Affiliated Degree Programmes (2+2)


The campus and the Students’ Interactive Society provides information, advice and guidance on academic and non-academic issues to complement the support on offer.

The student enquiry desk is located at the centre of campus. If you need advice on any student matter, that’s where to go. Our friendly desk staff will help you or arrange an appointment with a specialist adviser.

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