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The Students Interactive Society (SIS), is the apex student body, representing the 500+ student community.

The organisational structure consisting of a President, vise President, Secretary and a Treasurer selected by an unbiased participatory voting process of all the students of the campus. The SIS plays an important role in co-ordinating academic and non-academic activities of the students where the observations, comments and suggestions are presented in a constructive manner. The society further enables the office bearers to exercise their leadership and management skills so that they are more prepared to meet the challenges in the external environments. Aptly the vision of the Students Interactive Society is “TO CREATE EXPERTS TO THE UNIVERSE” in a very holistic sense.

The mission statement of the SIS

To help create an engineer recognized as RESPONSIBLE, PARTICIPATIVE, VIRTUOUS and INDEPENDENT, who takes maximum use of available resources to reap the best results. To aspire every student to reach even further than their expected goals & to make each student a legacy of the campus.

Every undergraduate of SLTC is assigned to one of the four colleges, namely Alan, Albert, Isaac and Nikola. The colleges help create unity, friendship and respect of each other within themselves and with the other colleges. This concept also helps create the environment to bring out hidden talents and skills of individuals inside the campus and a healthy competitiveness among the colleges when it comes to the various extra curricular activities and sports events.

Then there’s the numerous clubs and societies setup within the framework of the campus student organisations structure. These organisations provide a platform and create opportunities for the students to reach greater heights in their chosen fields of interest.

With each college and club being directly under this Student body, the SIS guides and helps the four colleges and the other clubs of the campus to create active, and responsible Engineers.

The colours night, talent show, sports week, sports meet, multi-religious functions all take place under the supervision and support of the Student Interactive Society. The continuous guidance and support from the Societys’ mentor, helps the society itself to stand flawless and to set an example to the other students within the campus.

Student Interactive Society

Person In–Charge: Dr. Udesh Oruthota (Senior Lecturer / Senior Treasurer)
President: Anjana Dissanayake
Vice President: Harshana Miyuranga
Secretary – Vishalya Sooriyarachchi
Treasurer – Lakdinu Ekanayake

College Captains 

Albert – Eshan Udana
Isaac – Heshan Niranga
Nikola – Werosh Thanushka
Alan – Ravindu Eshantha