The undergraduates of SLTC belong to one of four colleges; Alan, Albert, Isaac and Nikola. All sports activities are conducted among these 4 colleges. While academic activities are always important, sports play a major role in shaping a character of a student. SLTC promotes sports for recreation, competition, leadership, team spirit and fitness.

The Campus has a Badminton court, outdoor playing field, and a gymnasium. Coaches and advisors are available to guide students into proper training regimes. All students are encouraged to take part in some intercollegiate sports activities because we believe that academic activities alone is not enough to mould our students into all-rounders.

Participation in sports provides a sense of belonging and being part of a team or group. You interact with your peers in a friendly manner. You learn to consider the interests of your teammates and to practice mutual respect and cooperation. You work together, share time and other resources, take turns to play and learn to cope with success and failure as a team. These interactions facilitate bonding and lasting friendships with your peers, which can help making you more sociable and outgoing, and boosts your confidence.

To join a team and to play a sport, please contact your College Committee Sports Captain.