This laboratory can accommodate up to 30 students in one sitting and is equipped with uninterrupted and seamless wireless Internet coverage for approximately 300 concurrent users. The lab provides a friendly environment for students and the lecturers using industry-standard software. In addition to these services, it is responsible for handling the Online Learning Management System enabling lecturers to create their own private website filled with dynamic courses that offers learning anytime anywhere.


This well-stocked library at the Campus is continuously being expanded and provides access to recommended text books. Numerous Learning Zones have been designed to assist learning, whether you need group discussion areas or prefer silent and quiet study spaces. Our library is also wireless-enabled with the latest online technology and software and reading and study materials.

Please contact Ms. Kusum Fernando (Assistant Librarian) for any assistance.


This state-of-the–art lab is equipped with essential electronic instruments required for the smooth functioning of the programmes such as Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Logic Tutors and Signal Generators, examples of the lab’s unique instruments facilitating successful learning.

It can accommodate up to 35 students in one sitting.


  • Wi-Fi on campus, and in many social and learning spaces

  • A high bandwidth wired connection to the IT network on campus

  • Campus email with your own email address and calendar

  • Secure personal storage space for your work at the campus

  • Online access with student portal on learning management system to your course and exam timetables

  • Access for lending and reference of books at the library

  • A wide range of academic, business and accessibility software with many applications, including Microsoft Office, free to install on your own PC or run on demand

  • PCs in the Library, learning labs and departments, with many accessible 24/7

  • A laptop loan service so you don’t always have to carry your own

  • Printers in a range of locations across campus, with options to send-to-print from a wide range of personal devices and to print out from any student printer

  • Free online or face-to-face IT training