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This course is intended for professional web developers who use Microsoft Visual Studio in a team-based, medium-sized to large development environment. Members of the audience may have a minimum of one to two years of experience developing Web-based applications.

What will I learn ?

  1. Introduction to ASP.NET
  • From ASP to ASP.NET
  • Web Forms
  • Web Services
  • NET Features
  1. Web Forms Architecture
  • Page Class
  • Web Forms Life Cycle
  • Web Forms Event Model
  • Code-Behind
  1. ASP.NET and HTTP
  • Request/Response Programming
  • HttpRequest Class
  • HTTP Collections
  • HttpResponse Class
  • Redirection
  • HttpUtility Class
  1. Web Applications Using Visual Studio
  • Using Visual Web Developer
  • Visual Studio Forms Designer
  • Using Components
  • Shadow Copying
  • Using the Global.asax File
  • Data Binding
  1. State Management and Web Applications
  • Session State
  • Application State
  • Multithreading Issues
  • Cookies
  1. Server Controls
  • HTML Server Controls
  • Web Forms Server Controls
  • Rich Controls
  • Validation Controls
  • User Controls
  1. Caching in ASP.NET
  • What Is Caching
  • Page-Level Caching
  • Page Fragment Caching
  • Optimizing Your ASP.NET Application
  • Application Caching
  1. ASP.NET Configuration and Security Fundamentals
  • Configuration Overview
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Forms Authentication
  • Windows Authentication
  • Security and ASP.NET
  1. Debugging, Diagnostics and Error Handling
  • Debugging
  • Application Tracing
  • Page Tracing
  • Error Handling
  1. More Server Controls
  • Most recent ASP.NET Controls
  • Menus
  • Master Pages
  1. ADO.NET and LINQ
  • NET Overview
  • .NET Data Providers
  • Connections
  • Commands
  • DataReaders and Connected Access
  • Data Sets and Disconnected Access
  • Language Integrated Query
  1. Data Access in ASP.NET
  • Data Source Controls
  • Connection String Storage
  • GridView
  • DetailsView
  • FormView
  • Object Data Sources
  • ListView
  • DataPager
  • LinqDataSource
  1. Personalization and Security
  • Configuration Overview
  • Themes
  • Skins
  • Security in ASP.NET
  • Membership and Roles
  • Login Controls
  • User Profiles
  1. Introduction to ASP.NET AJAX
  • Rich Client Applications
  • AJAX
  • ScriptManager
  • UpdatePanel
  • AJAX Client Library
  • Remote Method Calls
  • AJAX Control Toolkit

Is this for me ?

All you need is a basic knowledge about programming and the willingness to create a dynamic website of your own.

Duration ?

The program consists of 32 hours of learning, including in-lab practice. It is conducted every Saturday from 1.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. for approximately 2 months and any practice you do on your own time will be an added advantage.

Where is it conducted ?

The course is conducted at the SLTC City Campus, TRACE Expert City, Maradana, Colombo 10.

How will I be evaluated ?

You will be evaluated throughout the course, with emphasis on results during the hands-on sessions, and will be awarded a certificate if you meet the programme requirements.

Number of Participants per course ?

Seats are limited to 20 for this programme to ensure the best learning experience.

Course Fee

LKR 25,000

How can I make the payment ?

You can pay directly to the Bank (please bring the payment slip on the day 1)

  • Name of Account Holder :  SLT Campus (Pvt) Ltd
  • A/C No :  204-1-001-0-0008426
  • Bank :  People’s Bank PLC
  • Reference :   please mention your “NIC number”

Or you can pay to the Finance Department at Trace Expert City at Maradana.

Please note that fees paid are not refundable and subject to revision from time to time.

How to reserve my seat ?

An Initial payment of LKR 10,000 has to be made to reserve your seat and the rest can be paid in two installments within the course duration.

Lead Lecturer

Uditha Sampath Bandara

Uditha Bandara is specialized in .NET framework for Web and mobile environments. He was the South East Asia’s First XNA/DirectX MVP (Most Valuable Professional). He had delivered sessions at various events and conferences in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia Sri Lanka and India. He has published several articles, books, tutorials, and game demos on his XNA Game Development Blog – http://uditha.wordpress.com


Anything else ?

SLTC will provide all required virtual environment.

If I am interested, how can I get more information ?

You can contact us on 0712829747 for further information.

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