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Robotics requires the fundamental knowledge in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. Being an Engineering institute that specializes in these fields, SLTC now offers a series of workshops and seminars in Robotics for Sri Lankan youth to get a taste of what Robotics is all about. Robotics has applications in industrial automation, unmanned aerial vehicles, self-driven cars, autonomous systems, medicine, agriculture, and many other areas.

The robotics related industry is expected to reach a market worth of USD 80 Billion worldwide by 2020. The Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) is also planning to grab a fair share of this market while technologically transforming the local industries. As a contributing partner to the industry and the GoSL, SLTC looks forward to guide the local youth in becoming experts in the field of Robotics.

What will I learn?

Our workshops on Robotics are aimed at providing the participants with the essential fundamental knowledge on mobile robots and developing the basic skills required to construct mobile robots. We believe this will be your first step in developing expertise to pursue a career in Robotics and related fields in the future.

The curriculum of the workshops is developed and reviewed by the eminent academic faculty at SLTC who have years of experience in the field of Robotics. These workshops are conducted with the aid of state-of-the-art technology with an emphasis on hands-on skills development, a unique learning experience for all participants. Graduate engineers who are experts in developing mobile robot systems will be conducting the workshops. In the near future, SLTC even plans to offer collaborative workshops with its partnering universities both local and foreign.

Preview of the First Workshop
Day 01:

  • Introduction to the world of Robotics, their applications and career opportunities.
  • Fundamentals of mobile robots: A theoretical overview.
  • Working with sensors, actuators. Introduction to micro-controllers and micro-controllers programming.
  • Interfacing sensors and actuators with micro-controllers.

Day 02:

  • Guide to advanced mobile robot systems.
  • Building a mobile robot through integration of sensors, actuators and mechanical systems.
  • Development of control algorithms for the mobile robot and implementation in micro-controllers
  • Performance improvement of the robot through real time testing

Is this for me? 

If you want both a practical and theoretical understanding of robotics and future career prospects, then this programme is ideal for you. The programme is ideally suited for students who have just completed A/Ls and students who are in the first year of the undergraduate programmes.

How long is this workshop and when is it conducted?

This a two day workshop (9 am to 4 pm ), and any practice you do on your own time will be an added advantage.

Where are the classes conducted?

The classes are conducted at the SLTC City Campus, TRACE Expert City, Maradana, Colombo 10.

How will I be evaluated?

You will be evaluated throughout the programme, with emphasis on results during the hands-on sessions, and will be awarded a participation certificate if you meet the programme requirements.

Number of participants per course?

Seats are limited to 20 for this programme to ensure the best learning experience.

How do I pay?

The payment can be made by cheque or cash at the SLTC City Campus or can be deposited in the SLTC – City Campus bank account, and proof of payment submitted.

Anything else?

Participants will have access to robot kits, Internet and computer lab facilities for the duration of the programme.

Lead Lecturer: Dr. Asanga Ratnaweera

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