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Brighter professional career with two degrees in hand !

AIT Thailand


The Five-Year Unified International Bachelor-Master (UIBM) Degree Program is a strategic curriculum which aims to develop a collaboration between the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and SLTC, to offer a fast-track and economical way for students to complete bachelors and master’s degrees in SLTC and AIT, respectively.


This joint venture will promote SLTC and AIT cooperation among Asian students by paving a new dimension of collaboration through this unique five-year Unified International Bachelor Master Degree Program.It will prepare trained batches of future SLTC and AIT researchers and professionals for quality research in dedicated fields. The program will focus on emerging areas to attract exclusive class of motivated students. The program will offer students quality education leading to Bachelor and Master Degrees in a relatively compressed duration by utilizing long holidays period during the academic program to reduce the cost of tuition, living and other expenses. Students will benefit by the international exposure that AIT provides.

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