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SLTC offers a diverse portfolio of programmes ranging from engineering to agriculture. Each programme is run by an individual school and is facilitated by various departments functioning under them.

Engineering is a profession directed to design, create, and analyze technological solutions with proper awareness of environmental factors such as safety, regulations, human factors, and cost. This is one of the fastest growing and exciting professions and it applies not only scientific theories and mathematical methods but also many skills such as creative thinking, computer modeling, attention to detail, communication skills, leadership, teamwork, etc. Graduates of engineering degree with these key attributes are in high demand across the globe. All the engineering degree programs of SLTC have been designed to produce such graduates. 

Graduates of SLTC with the B.SC Hons (Eng) will have high level up to date technical expertise in their specialized fields. All curricula are rich with all the required knowledge in mathematics, science and technology, integrated with the concepts of business and management.

Uniqueness of SLTC graduates in engineering is that they will pursue lifelong learning and will be an effective leader in the chosen carrier and in the society.

This School focuses on providing some of the best and most diversified engineering degree programmes in the country and presents a four year Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree.

Currently the school offers the opportunity for both students and professionals to obtain their degree by providing both full time and blended programmes.

School of Technology has two B.Tech Hons. degree programmes:

This School is for those who are interested in technology related subjects. It is one of the pioneering technology schools the country has on offer, SLTC endeavours to ensure that its students receive a novel learning experience within the School of technology with the available resources and facilities. The school offers a range of four year technological programmes with the intention of producing highly competent technologists to the nation.

This School mainly contributes to our vision of making ourselves a centre of excellence and a learning hub which develops students’ knowledge and skills in basic sciences for superiority in engineering and technology related studies and research.

Established with the primary intention of creating an opportunity for further education to Professionals and the employed, the school offers many part time/ weekend/ short term programmes which are conducted at the City Campus and the SLTC Malabe premises. These programmes facilitate working personnel to grow in their respective fields while being employed full time.

The School of Graduate Studies at SLTC is committed to the highest standards of academic excellence, a diverse and productive academic community, and ethical conduct in research and scholarship.

The School of Graduate Studies provides support, oversight, and advocacy for graduate education at SLTC. We strive to produce and teach the knowledge that will solve human problems both locally and globally, and thereby become a source of intellectual capital for our community, our nation, and our world.

To fulfill this mission, we:

  • Seek to attract the brightest students and faculty
  • Promote a fertile diversity of people and ideas
  • Support academic progress and timely completion
  • Encourage creativity and independent thought
  • Prepare leaders within and beyond the academy
  • Disseminate knowledge for the public good