“El Mistico 2017”- Grand Finale

To showcase the concealed aesthetic capabilities of its undergraduates, Sri Lanka Technological Campus presented, “El Mistico 2017”, the first ever talent show of its history on the 27 th of October 2017 at SLTC premises from 3.00 pm – 7.00 pm. “El Mistico 2017” was a fusion of intelligence plus all genres of art where a bunch of talented undergraduates performed their best in debating, painting, singing and dancing.

Representing the colleges of SLTC, Collage Alan, College Albert, College Nikola and College Issac, undergraduates participated in the Final Round of the Debate, Singing Competition (Solo/group) and Dancing Competition (Solo/group). A panel of renowned artistes/academics evaluated the performances of the contestants.

The intention of this event was to enhance the hidden capabilities of students by creating a proper platform for them to perform and make them involve in organizing, decision making, taking responsibilities which would finally result in personality development and building closer bond among each other.

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